Go Play Peoria Fall MiniCon August 28th coming up!

It’s only about two weeks until our next Go Play Peoria! As usual, we’re at the Samaritan Ministries building, 2400 W Altorfer Dr, Peoria, from 10 AM to 9 PM. A $5 donation is suggested to cover the cost of the conveniently provided food, or you can just bring along some food to share.

If you’re coming, and there’s a game you’d really like to play, start lobbying for it now in the comments.

I’m planning to provide sandwich fixings and probably veggies and dip again. If anyone else is planning to contribute snack food or other side dishes, you can coordinate about that in the comments as well.


9 Responses to “Go Play Peoria Fall MiniCon August 28th coming up!”

  1. Raquel Mutton, GPP coordinator Says:

    I know last time several of us were hoping for a roleplaying game to break out, and we never quite fit it in. So here are some suggestions along those lines to get the ball rolling:

    Dirty Secrets: A classic, and I’m pretty sure we can find someone who knows how to teach/run this one. 🙂

    Hero’s Banner: I ran this once, and can brush up on the rules if there’s an interest.

    Lady Blackbird: Pre-gen characters, very easy to learn, and I suspect I could run it if I needed to. Also, it was a lot of fun!

    Polaris/zombie hack: I know Polaris only kind of works as a one shot, but I came up with this idea for an I Am Legend type hack for it, and I’d like to try it sometime. http://story-games.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=11965

  2. brian Says:

    Polaris/zombie hack? That’s crazy talk! I’ll check that thread out later. I love Polaris! At least in theory.

  3. brian Says:

    Not a huge zombie-fiction fan, but I think I like it! It looks like a solid hack. I especially like that the zombies are trying to build a world for themselves; that makes them more interesting to me than stereotypical mindless brain-eaters.

  4. Raquel Mutton, GPP coordinator Says:

    Cool! The ‘zombies trying to build a world for themselves’ is the I Am Legend influence–at least the book and alternate ending version of I Am Legend.

    I know Seth and Gabrielle were at least theoretically interested in playing it, so maybe we could actually get a game going at Go Play.

  5. Brian Peters Says:

    also i thought a bit more about your first paragraph in your first comment, that we “were hoping for a roleplaying game to break out,” as if one might just happen spontaneously. i think that’s the problem. i know sometimes i’m feeling like playing one, but for whatever reason, i’m a bit self-conscious about actually speaking up and trying to round people up to play one.

  6. Brian Peters Says:

    btw, as far as getting RPGs going, I think the idea of a board like last time was a good one. Just that, even with that, no one ever stood up and said, “Okay, there’s 4 people down to play this RPG so let’s do it already!” That’s the key, I think. Maybe this time I can be that person. But I’m not counting on it. 😉

  7. Raquel Mutton, GPP coordinator Says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping to have the whiteboard up again, because I think that helped a lot in getting pick-up games together with a bit more organization.

    As far as no one standing up to say “Let’s play this”…that’s because you and Seth both had your names down for 3 or 4 board games besides the RPG, and I wasn’t going to push for a game that y’all apparently didn’t want to play as much as the games you were *actually* playing.

    So I suggest this principle: “If you really want to play a game, make time for it.” 🙂

  8. Brian Peters Says:

    That is an excellent principle. I approve whole-heartedly.

  9. Deven Ries Says:

    Anyone play Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game?

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