Go Play Peoria Summer Minicon: May 29th

Alright, most of you know the drill, but I’ll post the details for newcomers: May 29th, 10 AM to 9 PM, 2400 W Altorfer Drive, games of all kinds for all ages, suggested donation of $5 to cover food which is conveniently provided to facilitate non-stop gaming fun. To read all of this information again, but in different words, go to What is Go Play Peoria.

My tentative plan is to have bread and sandwich fixings available. If you prefer to bring a side to share instead of a $5 donation, feel free.

If you have a game you’d really like to play, or are prepared to teach/run, post about it in the comments and see if you can get other people interested ahead of time.


5 Responses to “Go Play Peoria Summer Minicon: May 29th”

  1. Seth Ben-Ezra Says:

    You know, I’m finding myself in the mood for Fiasco and Dirty Secrets. Not sure if GPP will end up being the best place for said games, but we’ll see!

  2. Sara Says:

    How do I get a hold of the person(s) organizing this event?

  3. Sara Says:

    Also, this is hosted at a Christian community center. I have a few questions regarding that:
    1) Is this a ministry (proselytizing) event?
    In other words: If non-Christians want to come, will they be welcome. “Welcome” meaning they will be left alone and not asked embarassing and uncomfortable questions about their beliefs?
    2) Since it is at a Christian community center, what types of games are not allowed? Most fantasy roleplaying games do not include Christianity in their continuum; will the venue host be comfortable with that?

  4. Raquel Mutton, GPP coordinator Says:

    Hi Sara,
    I only have time for a quick reply at the moment, if you have any further questions feel free to comment again and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

    We are allowed to use the Samaritan Ministries building, but they are not connected to the Go Play event. There are a mix of Christians and non-Christians who come, and the only time it’s discussed is if the topic comes up informally while gaming.

    We play plenty of fantasy based games, and there are no formal restrictions on what kind of games can the played–the only concern is that there are children running around, so there needs to be a sensitivity to ‘family friendliness’ at least when the kids are in earshot.

    Hope that helps!

  5. brian Says:

    Seth, I’d be down for a game of Dirty Secrets. 🙂 Would be cool to play with the author, and learn all the secret secrets of making it awesome. Cuz you have those, right?

    I’d really like to play Junta if anyone is game. I picked it up for cheap from Tanga awhile back and I’ve never really had a big enough group for it locally…

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