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Polls on Go Play Peoria

January 21, 2010

Feel free to leave a comment explaining your answers.


Go Play Peoria Spring Minicon: February 27th

January 2, 2010

This one’s coming up fast– February 27th, 2010. As usual, it’s at at the Samaritan Ministries building (2400 W Altorfer Drive), but it’s starting an hour later this time, at 10 AM. We’ll experiment and see how that works.

The suggested donation is still $5 per person for the food provided, or bring food to share.

Bring games you’d like to play, or just plan on getting roped into the games other people wanted to play.

If you’re coming leave a comment on (a) whether you’re planning to bring food to share and (b) what games you’d really like to play or be willing to run/teach.